/10 video games we cant wait for in 2019

10 video games we cant wait for in 2019

The whole of 2019 may not be looking so hot coming off the disastrous year that was/is 2018, but at least there’s video games to distract us from everything else.

We dusted off our telescopes and looked over the video games we expect to see in 2019, compiling a list of the most titillating titles that we think will most capture our hearts and attentions in the next 12 or so months. 

There’s sequels of beloved series, there’s peaceful creations for when life’s too hard, there’s intriguing horror games, there’s insightful-looking indie games, and there’s even some action games for when you just need to let off some steam and kill bad guys.

Please enjoy our most anticipated games of 2019:

10. Devil May Cry 5

Sometimes you just want to style on some demons, and Devil May Cry 5 has your back. The hack-and-slash franchise returns in March to tear a whole bunch of bad guys a whole bunch of new ones with the help of Dante, Nero, and a new character named V. The cathartic, chaotic combat of Devil May Cry looks like it’s going to be as fun as ever with a much-appreciated visual upgrade.

Expected release date: March 8, 2019

9. The Sinking City

You had me at weird-looking kraken thing. Melding 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and film noir, The Sinking City is bound to be one of 2019’s more surreal gameplay experiences. Uncovering the truth behind the supernatural plague terrorizing the city of Oakmont, Massachusetts, you play as a private investigator. Loosely based on the works of horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, this game is gonna be one wild (and wet) mind-bender. 

Expected release date: March 21, 2019

8. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Have no fear, Until Dawn fans—more spooks are finally heading our way. Announced this past summer, The Dark Pictures anthology will take Supermassive Games deeper into the horror realm with a series of terrifying installments. The first? Man of Medan, a nautical thriller following the horror experienced by a group of curious divers who meddle with a ghostly wreckage site. Yes. Please. More. Thank you. 

Expected release date: TBD in 2019

7. In the Valley of Gods

From the brilliant minds that brought us Firewatch, In the Valley of Gods looks like Tomb Raider, but with a killer soundtrack and y’know… emotional depth. Gods‘ chronicles the adventures of Rashida and Zora as they explore Egypt and attempt to navigate their tricky working relationship. While relatively little is known about the release, if it’s anything like Firewatch, then we’re in for a pretty big treat. 

Expected release date: TBD in 2019

6. Animal Crossing

If there’s one thing we all need in 2019, it’s a nice, quiet, pleasant game where everyone is your friend, loans are interest-free, and nobody has a weapon. Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch sounds like the perfect antidote for everything that’s been going wrong in recent years, and being able to sink into a tranquil little village full of kind animal neighbors and ample fishing. This game couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Expected release date: TBD in 2019

5. Afterparty

If you haven’t played Night School Studio’s Oxenfree, you go do that right now. You’re back? Cool! Now, get hype as hell (literally) for the completely bonkers escapade that will be Afterparty. Milo and Lola, recently-deceased college buddies, awake to find themselves slumming it with Hades. But when they discover that if they can outdrink Satan they’ll be resurrected back on Earth, its bottoms up. A perfect blend of silly and stylish, Afterparty is one indie release we are dying to try.

Expected release date: TBD in 2019

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From the creators of Dark Souls comes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a refreshing take from the masters of the action RPG that adds acrobatics and more demanding swordplay to the genre. While Dark Souls kept us grounded as we trudged through endless misery and desolation, Sekiro sends us flying through the air in more open, inviting environments. 

Expected release date: March 22, 2019

3. Anthem

Anthem is a very pretty game that blends fluid mobility with classic sci-fi combat as players fly around a lush planet with their powered armor (Javelins) and take on all manner of enemies. It’s kind of like Bioware’s take on Destiny, but it looks like it doesn’t lean quite so heavily on MMO tropes.

Expected release date: February 22, 2019

2. Kingdom Hearts III

The massive Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally tackling its next installment. Surrounded by dozens of Disney and Pixar characters, our hero Sora will take on another perilous journey at the start of next year. There’s a lot to discuss here (and we’re desperately trying to replay everything before this release hits) so stay tuned for lots of discussion come January. We’re pumped.

Expected release date: January 25, 2019

1. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is returning to life. The beloved-yet-terrifying 1998 action horror game is making its glorious comeback in January, sending us back into Racoon City as Leon, the most handsome and brave cop to ever take on a horde of zombies. The remake gives us the over-the-shoulder approach of Resident Evil 4 but built on the gorgeous airtight engine that gave us Resident Evil 7, which honestly sounds like the perfect combination.

Expected release date: January 25, 2019

Honorable mention: Death Stranding

First revealed in 2016, we still don’t know when Death Stranding is coming out. Maybe it’ll be 2019. Maybe it’ll be later. But oh wow do we want to see this game, even if it’s just to learn what it’s actually about and how it plays. It is so enticingly mysterious and exciting-looking and with such a cool cast and aesthetic it is looking like it’ll make a little video game history when it finally comes out. Hopefully soon.

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