/Metal Mario makes his Hot Wheels debut this summer

Metal Mario makes his Hot Wheels debut this summer

Look at him go!
Look at him go!

Image: jeff o. / audra bennett /Mattel / mashable composite / bob al-greene

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Metal Mario has a need for speed and he finally has an outlet for it now that he’s going to be a Hot Wheels toy.

Metal Mario is joining the Mario Kart Hot Wheels lineup this summer at Sand Diego Comic-Con, ready to race regular flesh Mario and the rest of the non-metallic gang on the bright orange tracks. 

Take a look at him, paraglider and all:

Lookin' good, king.

Lookin’ good, king.

Image: Jeff O. / audra bennett / Mattel

If we’re talking metallic Mario Kart racers, Metal Mario has gotta be one of the top metallic racers out there. Sure, Pink Gold Peach is a good one too, but Metal Mario is the original, debuting back in 1996 in Super Mario 64.

This particular Metal Mario Hot Wheels toy is inspired by the character in Mario Kart 8 with a matching metallic kart and paraglider to match.

Styling and profiling.

Styling and profiling.

Image: JEFF O. / AUDRA BENNETT / Mattel

The Metal Mario toy will be available online for $20 starting June 17 on Mattel’s website and will be coming to San Diego Comic-Con on July 17.

And be on the lookout for more Mario Kart Hot Wheels toy news this summer.

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